25 Volunteering Ideas Families Can Do Together

We are aware of the values pass across to our kids by participating in volunteering activities. Ensure that you train your kids on the importance of volunteering activities by incorporating these volunteering ideas.

Start from Home

It would help if you didn’t go far to seek opportunities to assist others.

  • Manage a neighborhood garage sale and give out the proceeds to a charity organization
  • Coordinate the collection of used books and deliver them to your local school
  • Do something for your neighborhood during the seasons, like raking leaves during the fall season and shoveling snow during winter
  • Assist your kids in writing notes or drawing pictures and giving them out to your neighbors
  • Build a community garden
  • Plant flowers in your neighborhood area
  • Pick up the trash in your neighborhood
  • Deliver items to neighbors who just undergone surgery or had a baby

Homeless or Hungry

As a family, try to give out gifts to homeless people.

  • Participate in events organized by local charities
  • Sort out old toys and donate them to local charity groups
  • Gather canned foods and deposit them to the local food bank
  • Shop for toys and tell your kids to deliver them to a child in need
  • Collect coats and deliver them to a homeless individual
  • Donate art supplies or books to homeless children
  • Bring your kids with you to serve or cook meals for homeless people

Animal Love

You have to understand that kids love to play with animals, and there is no better way to teach your kids the act of volunteering than using animals.

  • Adopt a pet!
  • Assist a local pet rescue organization at an adoption event
  • Keep water or food out for stray pets and contact an animal protection agency to take them
  • Assist your neighbor to take care of his or her pet
  • Offer to take a walk with your neighbor’s dog

People in the Community

A different set of people make up a community, ensuring that you contribute your quota to keep it thriving.

  • Prepare a gift for kids in the hospital
  • Read stories to younger kids at churches, daycares, libraries, or schools
  • Plant flowers at a library or local elementary school
  • Offer to help a new mom
  • Deliver foods to a local firehouse

This post has highlighted various ways to donate your talent and time to assist others in your community.