4 Things to Do with Old Children’s Toys

Whether you are trying to reduce post-holiday clutter or doing spring cleaning, donating used toys will enable you to clear out your home. First, ensure that you clean these toys; assemble them before getting to a place that accepts toy donations. By checking available options for donating toys, you can partner with your family to select a specific cause or a suitable way to donate it. Read on to find out several toy donation options.

Resell Charities

Several thrift stores, including The Salvation Army and Goodwill, accept toys and package them on the store floor for other people to purchase the items. Any proceeds they get from the sale of the toys are returned to programs, thereby benefiting the indigents in their community. Nevertheless, ensure that you contact your local store if they need toy donations at that time.

Local Shelters and Children’s Centers

If you are familiar with a children’s charity or shelter in your location, there is a high possibility that they accept toy donations. The fact is that kids will always behave like one; thus, they will usually feel more comfortable when there are toys in these shelters. Nevertheless, ensure that you call ahead to confirm if these charities accept toy donations.

Preschools and Nurseries

Although this doesn’t seem like a tax-exempt organization and wouldn’t make you have a deduction in taxes, you would still be contributing your quota by noticing a preschool in need of some old children’s toys. Ensure that you contact them before bringing a donation, as there may be instructions to follow.

Church Charities

Many religious organizations offer nurseries or daycares to their parishioners, since they offer free or low-cost service and are often in need of toys. Churches belong to tax-exempt organizations; thus, you can claim a tax deduction by donating old toys to these organizations. It is a fantastic way to give back, especially if you were fortunate to exploit church childcare services in past times.

If you have used toys at home, it is time to give back to society and put a smile on the faces of these young ones. Moreover, you might have benefited from these gestures in the past and this may be time to make other kids happy too.

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