5 Best Prebiotic Foods

Prebiotic foods are food intake in dietary fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the gut. These bacteria help break down food components inside the colon cells leading to a fluid and healthier digestive system. The nutrients usually produced are fatty acids such as acetate, butyrate and propionate. The nutrients are then absorbed into the blood cells to improve metabolism. 

Prebiotics are different from probiotics in that probiotics are bacteria found in certain foods. Let’s look at some of the best prebiotic food that one can take to improve digestive health. 

Chicory Root 

Chicory root is produced from the flowering plant of the dandelion family. It has been widely known for its usage in medicine and beverages such as coffee. It’s also a great source of prebiotics, with about 68% of it coming from prebiotic fiber. The Inulin substance in the chicory root improves digestion and bowel function. 

Dandelion Greens 

Dandelion Greens is one of the flowering plants that can be consumed raw or cooked. They are a great source of prebiotic fiber that can reduce constipation and other digestive problems. They also possess inulin, much like chicory root. 

Jerusalem Artichoke 

Jerusalem artichoke is from the family of sunflowers possessing substantial health benefits. It has about 2 grams of dietary fiber that is rich in inulin. This can be an excellent addition to the diet of patients with digestive issues. 


Garlic is a renowned herb that has various health benefits such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities and many other qualities. Garlic has also been researched to have prebiotic abilities enabling it to produce Bifidobacteria that helps in the gut. It also kills other harmful bacteria from increasing within the colon. It’s one of the most helpful foods for the digestive system. 


Onions are tasty vegetables that give foods a characteristic delicious taste when used for cooking. Beneath their taste properties, onions are also very rich in inulin and FOS, making them suitable for the friendly bacteria in the gut. FOS strengthens gut flora that helps in the breakdown of fat in the body. Onions are also good antioxidants and are very effective in curing cancer due to their quercetin content. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best prebiotic foods. Prebiotics are good foods for the body. We recommend that you add them to your diet along with supplements from NuMedica and Jarrow Formulas