5 Different Communication Styles in Relationships 

Communication style is the manner through which you exchange information with other people. Communication styles are based not just on mere words but also on other factors such as body language and facial expressions. They help us express ourselves in ways that words cannot, making it clear to the other party we are communicating about our innermost intentions. 

Most of the time, people find these expressions to be more valuable than words when communicating. Therefore, we will be looking at different communication styles for people in relationships. This determines how both parties can be able to understand each other going forward. 


This communication style is considered the best amongst the rest due to the speakers’ confidence in expressing themselves. The tone of this style is that of confidence and enables the speaker to communicate without hurting the other party’s feelings. The qualities of this style are empathetic, socially aware, direct and emotionally expressive. 


Using this style in a relationship can only imply that the speaker is trying to impact his feelings on the other person. This is the kind of style that alpha personalities use. The qualities indicate bullying, out to win the argument at every cost, emotionally explosive and abrasive. 


Individuals that use this style are known to be selfless and puts the needs of others above themselves. Therefore, they tend to avoid confrontation at every cost. They take great pleasure in pleasing their partners in relationships. The tone of this style is apologetic and peaceful. 


Individuals that choose to be passive-aggressive when communicating in relationships tend to hide their feelings a whole lot. They only come out when they’ve been pushed to the limits, which often surprises their partners. The qualities can be devious, emotional outbursts, constant complaints, among others. 


People that use this communication style are good at controlling and affecting others to their advantage. They are very good at scheming, plotting and using devious means to bend their partners to their will. They are not direct in expressing their intentions but rather mask them as much as they can. It’s a terrible manner of communication style. 

There are so many ways through which people communicate in relationships. In most cases, the communication style will be a huge determinant of the outcome of the relationship.