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5 Fish That Make Great Pets

Starting a new aquarium is extremely exciting and fun, and the fact is that you will forever cherish getting your first fish. Some people think it is easy to keep a fish, but the task is arduous and requires extensive knowledge regarding maintenance and care. We are here to inform you that fish are perfect for first-time fishkeepers, and you can enhance your knowledge and experience before trying other species.


The unique thing about Betta is the ease of maintenance. Although keeping male bettas is essential, some female bettas can stay in the tanks with other fish species. Bettas are known to be a cold-water species. Also referred to as Siamese fighting fish; bettas require separation from other species, which implies these beautifully illuminated swimmers will thrive in small fish bowls.


Goldfish also belong to the carp family and enjoy cool water temperatures. Endeavor to keep goldfish in another tank different from warm-water fish. Also, do not keep goldfish in a bowl as they require sufficient swimming room and can grow quite long. Don’t overcrowd your goldfish tank because well-kept goldfish can thrive for several years.


Lovely, graceful, and large, angelfish appear in different color patterns. Due to their size, especially when fully matured, angelfish requires a tank size of around 55-gallon. The plus is that angelfish can live well with other species of similar size. Ensure that you provide many plants in the aquarium as this fish species likes to hide underneath them.


The fact is that catfish aren’t the most incredible fish species in a tank, but they serve a vital role. These bottom-dwelling, low-maintenance fish eat up algae growing in the tank. In short, they help to keep the tank clean. Several types of catfish can thrive with the fish species that live in community tanks.


These easy-maintenance aquarium fish come in different varieties of colors. Another unique thing is that this fish species breed consistently and can overwhelm a tank, especially if you have female and male species together.

There you have it! Above are some fishes that can make great pets. Just like cats and dogs, fishes also make good pets. The popular ones include Betta, Goldfish, Angelfish, Catfish, and Guppies. If you’re looking to get a fish as a pet, you can choose from any of the options above. Most importantly, keep these fish species in your aquarium and take proper care of them.