5 Holiday Activities to Try That Don’t Revolve Around Materialism

It’s often the norm globally that the holiday is when families get to spend time together, eat, drink and exchange gifts. This means that they have to pay a significant sum of money to make that happen. This reeks of materialism and has handicapped most families as soon as the holidays are over. 

The essence of the family does not begin and end with the holidays, and we do not share love only when we have the cash to spend. Thankfully, there are other ways to spend the holidays without spending too much. Let’s take a look at a few ideas. 

Prioritize Family Get-Together 

Create activities that will bring the family together instead that will not lead to too much spending. Physical games are a perfect idea for games that will make the holiday fun and engaging. 

Spread the Joy 

You can teach your kids to learn how to be grateful for what they have. This will only make them understand the privilege they have. They can volunteer to help at a shelter where the less privileged stay and other food centers. This breeds the holiday spirit in them. 

Create an Adventure 

You can take your kids on an adventure that they’ve not undertaken before. The adventure is something that you create by yourself that isn’t expensive. This can be in the form of a hiking experience to a hill or a mountain of your choice. Even camping can create that special feeling for you and your family. 

Create New Holiday Customs 

If your family uses holiday gift exchange as customs, you may have to consider changing the custom to something more fun and valuable. You can write down a list of things your children would like to do throughout the holidays. Then proceed with them to make those things a reality. Activities like seeing a movie together, candle dinners and family cookouts are valuable than you think. 

Give Thanks

You can create a culture of giving thanks for the gift of family, whether it’s during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year holidays. The family will gather together and be thankful for the gift of family. This is what the holidays are all about and creates solid memories that last a lifetime. 

All you need during the holidays is love. Materialism is secondary. This is a good culture to breed with family for holidays.