5 Over-Parenting Effects That Impact Children and Teens

Children with parents who are actively involved in their lives can lead to many positive outcomes. However, there is a line that when a parent crosses can lead to over-parenting and negative outcomes. Research has shown that over-parenting does more harm than good for a child. Here, we will be taking a look at the over-parenting effects on children and teens.

Lack of Confidence

Children that are over-parented grow up to have a shortage of confidence in themselves. If kids are accustomed to their parents doing everything for them, they may grow up not knowing how to do certain things and that can be telling on their confidence. The message that they are getting is that they are not competent enough to do anything.


As you are over-parenting your children you are telling them that the world is not a safe place. They can develop anxiety and keep themselves away from taking on challenges or learning new things. The consequences can be far-reaching as it can impede them from progressing in life. 

Unrealistic View of the World

Helicopter parents do not present a realistic view of their children. They are not willing to allow them to do laundry, run errands, or socialize. This leaves them with a distorted view of how things should be like.

They are Entitled

Children may grow up to have an entitlement view where they believe a good job or good things should happen to them without any effort. They are here to getting everything done for them throughout their life and feel that it should continue in their adulthood.

No Essential Skills

Not allowing children to challenge themselves and grow hinders them from picking up essential skills that will be handy in the future. Research has identified that one of the negative effects of helicopter parenting is that the children fail to build a self-identity. Allowing kids to take on challenges by themselves will help them flourish in life. 
Above are some negative effects of over-parenting on children and teens. Over-parenting does a huge disservice to young people. It can go as far as a straining parent-child relationship. In situations of divorce, this can also crop up and make the situation worse. Understandably, parents don’t want their kids to fail, but over-parenting won’t stop this from happening. You don’t have to over-parent to be the best mom or best dad. Allow your kids to fail. Let them bear consequences for their actions. With this, you will surely see them blossom and flourish.