6 Low Maintenance Pets for Families

Having a pet gives your home that full feeling and the ability to provide love randomly without expecting much in return. You can get filled with all that love and caring that comes with having them. Unfortunately, having a pet goes beyond that cuteness and the cuddling moments. You have to put in a lot of work to maintain the pet in and around your home.  

Therefore before getting that pet, you may have to look at low maintenance pet that can give you that satisfying feeling of a pet owner. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 


Having a turtle as a pet is fantastic and is one of the most accessible pets to have and maintain. The good thing about them is that they don’t grow too much and stay happy and healthy in a terrarium that safely secures them. Feeding them is not expensive as well because they’re omnivorous. 


Much like turtles, tortoises are very excellent pets that are noiseless and know how to stay out of your way. Choosing tortoises as a pet means that you may have to observe their diet and get the right food for them. 


Hamsters are very popular with kids due to their endearing nature. They’re also low maintenance and are great at cuddles with their fluffy furs. They’re not noisy and are relaxed when you provide them with toys to play with. 

Betta Fish 

Betta fishes are magnificent fish species due to their ability to live in small aquariums. They’re low maintenance which you can feed very effortlessly. Their feeding can be done three times a day which is affordable. 


Parakeets are perfect companions that can keep you company without making you uncomfortable. They’re not as noisy as parrots, but they know how to keep you company at any time. Parakeets are fed daily, but they are not in any way expensive. 


Goldfishes are a beauty when you view them through their aquarium. Even though you have to change their aquariums from time to time, they’re still very affordable pets to have. 

There you have it! Above are some low maintenance pets for families. Pets are good to have, but it’s good to ensure that you’re getting the right pet that fits into your budget and schedule.