6 Thanksgiving Family Activities

Are you a family person looking to spice up the thanksgiving celebration with your friends and family? You do not have to overthink to get a proper thanksgiving activity that you and your family can enjoy together. You can do these activities in varieties, or you can decide to settle for one as long as your loved ones would be part of it. Let us guide you through some thanksgiving activity ideas you can enjoy with your family.

Watch the Parade

This is perhaps an old practice that started as far back as 1948. It’s good to see that it’s a relevant thanksgiving idea in this present age. You can decide to watch marching bands and parades with your kids. This is an excellent way to spice up the holidays. 

Run a Turkey Trot

A Turkey trot is a family race that can breed togetherness and enhance the spirit of the holidays. Your family can make it exciting and competitive by putting registration fees donated to charity by the winning team. 

Introduce a Football Game 

If your family is a football-loving one, you can introduce football to distract them from their phones and television and enhance their attention for the holidays. What could be better than a family football competition on thanksgiving? I struggle to find a better option. 

Research Your Family Tree

This can be a perfect opportunity for you to teach your kids one or two things about their families. Thanksgiving brings most extended family members together, and I imagine they will be eager to listen and hear from grandparents to aunts, uncles, cousins, and others. What is essential during holidays is the love shared as a family. These activities aids the family to bond even more and appreciate the gift of life. 

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

This is an admirable method that enables you to show love to the less privileged on thanksgiving. Doing it with friends and family can be largely satisfying and can inculcate the spirit of giving in them. You all can volunteer to make food and share it at any food kitchen of your choice. 

Have a Mini Pumpkin Hunt 

A pumpkin hunt will thrill the kids much more on thanksgiving than any other group. You can hide mini pumpkins indoors or outdoors and give your family the delight of searching for them. It’s a good bonding game and even more on thanksgiving. 

There you have it! Above are some interesting thanksgiving family activities. Thanksgiving offers a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones and share amazing memories. You can anticipate a wonderful experience and create fascinating memories as you perform the activities mentioned above together. Stay healthy, take care of yourself, and have fun with your family!