6 Websites to Help You Learn About Your Ancestry

Who are your ancestors? How well do you know your family history? Finding out about your ancestry can change your life for good. But where can you look to get the accurate record? There are many places to go for genealogical records, but we will only discuss six of the most reliable ones.


One of the reasons this website is featured as the first on this list is because it is budget-friendly. It is one of the best places to look if you want to get accurate information about your ancestry but don’t have a lot of money to spend on that.


If you can afford it, this is one of the world’s best websites for building your family tree. It is home to over 11 billion old records, 100 million family trees, and more than 15 million DNA profiles. It is a powerful subscription website with lots of resources for users.


If you want a totally free genealogy search, this is the website to turn to. It hosts one of the world’s most extensive genealogy library catalog. There are more than seven billion global name-searchable records where you can mine for information about your ancestors. 


This website is most useful for people who have roots in England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales. It is an easy-to-use website and has lots of interesting features that will help you learn about your ancestors. You can also get DNA through the site, and it will give you detailed geographic origin reports within Britain and Ireland.


My Heritage is the website that will interest you if you really want to find overseas cousins or you have a recent immigrant origin. The website is home to over five billion historical records and DNA testing. It is most useful for continental Europe, Scandinavian, and Jewish research.


This website is owned by a DNA testing company that offers more than the standard autosomal DNA test you can get from most other companies. Users can choose different levels of YdNA and mtDNA testing for deep paternal and maternal ancestry results. You can compare your DNA with that of others you share something in common, like surnames, geographic location, and culture.

There are several other places you can get information about your ancestry, but these are the top options if you want to get accurate information.