7 Books About Creating Strong Families

Everyone desires to create a family with a strong bond. However, achieving this requires a lot of work. Thankfully, there are books that can guide you towards creating strong families. Here are some of such books:

Mentor to Millions

Kevin Harrington and serial entrepreneur Mark Timm talk about the elements that make up a successful person – at home, work, and every aspect of life. As an entrepreneur, Mark sits in his car and enters the house to greet his kids and wife.

Father-Daughter Relationships

This book was analyzed and summarized in the most relevant research regarding father-daughter relationships, which aim to break down the events that usually transpire between father and daughter, encouraging the reader to take a more analytical and objective approach.

Pride and Joy

Kenneth Barish, a child psychologist, talks about his experience in handling neuroscience and clinical research with the author’s extensive experience working with families and children. He shows how parents can have a great relationship with their kids by utilizing emotional intelligence.

The Christian’s Guide to No Contact

Does God want us to adapt to a lifetime of abuse from abusers, manipulators, liars, and bullies simply because we had to live in a toxic family or befriended a narcissist? Christians often find themselves in this situation by feeling stuck in toxic relationships with psychopaths or narcissists.

Guide to Kemetic Relationships

Most marriages hit the rock as time passes. Why is there discontentment between families, countries, friends, parents and children? This book is based on Kemetic philosophy and highlights human relationships and the connection they have together.

Raising Mediators

Despite the several differences in family composition, most kids in Western Society had a sibling while growing up. Although siblings share a strong bond, they often had issues culminating in intense disagreements.

The Joy of Fatherhood

This book is recommended for parents and fathers to enhance their communication with their kids, strengthen their awareness as individuals, and improve their skills as parents. The Joy of Fatherhood showcases captivating messages of love and teaches essential values and principles to assist the parents in raising kids who are healthy, happy, and successful.

There you have it! Above are some books about creating strong families. Building strong families is not an easy task, and you need to plan. Planning involves reading books that enhance family ties and create healthy bonds between the kids and the parents.