7 Documentaries Families Can Discuss At Dinner

Documentaries teach us more important life lessons than regular movies and television programs. Since they are mostly made for educational purposes, they are also more ideal for family consumption.

Watching documentaries as a family will help you to learn and grow together. Discussing documentaries also helps you build your family bond. The benefits are actually innumerable.

Without further ado, we will briefly discuss seven documentaries you can discuss during family dinner time.

Great Migration

Most animals move more than us. You can learn so much from the migratory habits of butterflies, birds, whales, moose, and more from this documentary made by National Geographic. The six episodes of the show took three years to film and have loads of lessons.

If I Were an Animal

We have to admit that this documentary will appeal most to the younger ones, but it is actually a family show that from Netflix.

Ocean Odyssey: The Blue Realm

Ocean life is deeper than most of us can ever imagine. The 13-episodes series covers every aspect of ocean life. It is suitable for viewers of all ages and will teach you and everyone in your family incredible lessons.

A Year in Space

Scott Kelly is an incredible astronaut that can inspire your little ones to hold on to their dreams. Even adults can learn a lot from his adventurous time in space. He spent a full year on the International Space Station, and this series documents both his preparation and the actual mission.

Apollo: Mission to the Moon

Everyone should know about the first man landing on the moon. Even if you’ve watched it multiple times, enjoy the show again with your family.

Marvel’s Hero Projects

This show celebrates some children who took up the challenge of making the world better. Your kids can learn that they, too, can make the world a better place and earn their places as superheroes.

Gold Medal Families

Are you raising kids who have the potentials to stand on the podium one day to receive gold medals? This is a wonderful show that can make that possible for them.

You can find several other wonderful documentaries for your family on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prims, and Disney+. The first suggested above, however, are excellent shows.