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Best Cities to Move to in the South

If you’re moving to the South or are simply moving away from the cold, there are some things you might want to know. We all know that moving is stressful, but moving south comes with its own pros and cons.

First, moving to the South means moving away from blistering cold temperatures. But moving south also requires adjusting to different climate conditions, particularly high humidity and blazing sun.

If you’re moving south or simply moving out of state, here are some tips based on data collected by moving companies.

Ranked number one for best cities in the South is Charleston SC. Charleston offers a mild winter with an average low temperature of 47°F in January. The median household income is $49k making it affordable to live comfortably. There are many historic attractions that offer tours throughout the year including Fort Sumter National Monument, Historic Downtown Charleston, Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens, Rainbow Row among others.

Many people are drawn to Charlotte NC due to its growing job market and low cost of living. The city is ranked as the number one most affordable housing market in the nation by Forbes, with a median home price of $135k.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte focuses on technology, business and design which contributes to the city’s high employment rate. In fact, moving companies cite Charlotte as an up-and-coming major metro area driven by economic success driven by its diverse industries including finance, advanced manufacturing and energy.

Other popular cities include Nashville, TN for its vibrant music scene and Atlanta, GA for its culture, sports teams and nightlife. Raleigh, NC has been named as a Forbes top 10 best places to live twice due to increased activities its Research Triangle Park among other factors. Moving in the South can be easier on your bank account too, as moving costs from a moving company in the South tend to be cheaper than other areas of the country.

If moving to the South is in your future, then consider moving to one of these cities. They offer a pleasant transition from cold weather and offer plenty of southern charm.