Can You Have Too Many Friends?

Friends are precious gifts. They are in your life to make life more meaningful. We all need friends—real friends who will share in our joys and help us deal with negative moments in life. But how many friends should we have? Is there a limit to the number of friends one can comfortably keep? What are the consequences of having too many friends? We will answer these and a few other important questions in this brief post.

The truth is, you can actually have too many friends. Since personalities differ, we can’t put a number to what can be considered too many friends, but you will know that you have too many friends when the burden of friendship becomes overwhelming.

How Do You Know You Have Too Many Friends?

Being fun and sociable will attract several friends to you. Depending on your lifestyle, you can also attract more friends than you bargained for. But how exactly do you know that you have too many friends?

The simplest way to know that you have too many friends is when it becomes very difficult to maintain a close relationship with many of them. At that point, some will start complaining about your lack of attention, even when you are trying to be available for everyone.

You will also know that you have too many friends when you have little space for yourself. When normal interaction with friends takes up most of your time, then you clearly have too many friends.

What Is Wrong With Having Too Many Friends?

You will not fully understand the negative effects of having too many friends until you fall into the trap. Some of the major issues you will find out are:

  • Maintaining friendship can be time-consuming and can be exhausting.
  • You may not be able to build a close relationship with friends when you have too many of them.
  • Maintaining friendship takes up a lot of emotional energy and may become overwhelming for you.
  • Having too many friends can easily turn you into a people pleaser, which is very bad for mental health.

Friendship should be quality over quantity. A few quality friends, rather than too many friends, will help you become a better person. Regardless, the most important thing about having friends is to ensure that you’re there for each other during the good and bad times.