Family-friendly and Socially Distanced Outdoor Easter Activity

How well did you celebrate Easter last year? Many couldn’t have a nice holiday celebration last year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the recommended safety measures to keep it in check. However, it is possible to have a fun Easter celebration with your loved ones without risking anyone’s life or breaking any COVID-related rules. Here are some outdoor activities you can embrace:

Friendly Egg Hunt

Egg hunt is an Easter tradition that has been upheld by many families. It is possible to organize and participate in this interesting outdoor activity while maintaining social distancing. Even if you have a big family, a moderate backyard will be enough to host this game. You can even organize it in batches if you have many participants.

A Family-Feast in the Backyard

No one will stop you from eating your Easter meal with your loved ones in your backyard. If you have a blissful outdoor living space, it shouldn’t be hard to set it up for an Easter feast. Depending on the condition of your backyard, you may need to start days ahead to get it ready for the feast. Make sure it is comfortable enough and provide enough food for everyone. Arrange the chairs in a manner that adheres to social-distancing guidelines.

Easter Egg Toss

Are you in the mood for a game, or do you have a family who cherishes exciting Easter activities? An Easter Egg Toss can be a great game to try. You can also play this game while maintaining social distancing. You will need plastic Easter eggs and a basket. Place the basket at a spot and draw a line some distance away. Hand every participant 5 eggs. Let participants take turns tossing their eggs into the basket. The winner is the one who throws most eggs into the basket.

Easter Egg Race

To make your Easter egg race interesting, let each participant hold his/her egg with a soup spoon and race towards the finish line. You can race in batches or even individually and use a timer to determine who reaches the finish line first without dropping his/her egg.

You can celebrate Easter in a fun way – you just have to figure out how to enjoy your favorite activities while maintaining social distancing. We really hope this piece helps.