Family Friendly Games to Play During a Halloween Party

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is obvious that Halloween will not be as lively as it used to be. There is a need for all of us to observe social distancing and other measures aimed at keeping our loved ones and us safe. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play some games as a family during your Halloween party. The party is not going to be loud, so the game can be one of a few things that can make it memorable. Are you already thinking of the games to play? Here are five family-friendly options to consider. 

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game 

This is a fun game every member of your household will enjoy doing. You all have to hunt from floor to ceiling to see who finds the most hidden pumpkins. The person who sets up the game should not participate, obviously.

Donut Eating Race 

Donut eating games are a favorite birthday game for most kids. It can also be an excellent game for this Halloween, provided you participate in your costume. You will see how fun it can be when adults take part in this game. It doesn’t have to be easy, so tie the donuts up and make a rule that it shouldn’t be touched.

Eyeball Pong 

This game is similar in some ways to beer pong. The major and most important difference is that alcohol should not be part of it since you are playing with your kids. There should be instant prizes when anyone gets the eyeballs into the cups. 

Monster Freeze Dance 

This is a traditional Halloween party game that anyone will enjoy. It is also a very simple game. The participants have to dance to the Halloween tune and freeze once it goes off. You can organize this in a tournament format, where the ultimate winner and runner ups get juicy prizes. 

Pop Goes the Pumpkin Balloon Halloween Game 

Another simple and fun game that even your teenagers can set up for the family. The rules are simple and straightforward. Pop the balloon and claim the prize inside. 

There are several other family-friendly games that are appropriate for Halloween. We just believe these ones will be great this year. Just make sure to be safe while enjoying fun games. You can try using aids that seek to support the body and mind from Douglas Laboratories, Argentyn 23, and Terry Naturally. These products may support a healthy immune system and so much more. Enjoy your Halloween party and have a great experience as you play any of the games suggested above.