How to Create a Fall Leaf Scrapbook

The leaves are changing colors and the weather is changing. The fact is that this is the ideal time of year to spend quality time outside with the kids before the long winter season. In the fall season, we are always looking for opportunities to stay entertained and enjoy the change accompanying it. 

One of the effective ways to enjoy the season is to create a Fall Leaf Scrapbook. This post will enable you to learn how to perform this task. The supplies include alphabet stickers, thin cord or cotton twine, scrapbook in a fun pattern, ruler, scissors, fall leaves in different sizes and shapes, crayons, hole punch, and blank white paper.


Take Your Kids Outdoors: Start by taking your kids outdoors and inform them to gather different kinds of leaves. Note that this is a spectacular activity to perform while you’re navigating your neighborhood, especially if you can secure a place with different types of trees.

Get the Leaves: Once you get these leaves, you can take them into your house and gently wipe them if required. Afterward, cut your plain white paper into a square shape to accommodate your largest leaf. Note that you will need to create many squares equivalent to the leaves and even add a few extra pieces.

Cut Out Some Pieces: Next, cut some pieces out of your scrapbook paper for binding usage. You can make it two inches wide in the same height as your paper squares. Keep it somewhere for later use.

Create Leaf Rubbings: Endeavor to teach your kids how to create leaf rubbings. Take the wrappers off the crayons. Afterward, position the leaf beneath a square of white paper. Holding the paper and leaf in position with one hand, set your crayon and rub it across the positional area of the leaf.

Create Bookbinding: Fold a scrapbook to create bookbinding. Note that you will punch two holes, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Integrate Rubbings into Binding: Please make up your leaf rubbings and integrate them into the binding. Punch holes on different leaf rubbing pages in similar places as the binding holes.

Furthermore, stack up the whole sheets inside the binding, ensuring the alignment of the holes. If you use stickers, help your kid include a title to the front of the book.

Creating a fall leaf scrapbook with your kids can be an amazing bonding experience. By following the tips above, you can teach them how to create one.