How to Pick the Right Dog Breed for Your Family

All dogs are adorable and kind-hearted. That doesn’t mean every dog breed will be perfect for your family. Depending on your household and your lifestyle, it is important that you choose a breed that will be a good fit for you. So many things can go wrong if you choose the wrong breed.  Here, we will briefly discuss how to pick the perfect breed for your family.

What Is Your Family Makeup?

This is the first important thing to consider. Even when you decide to ask some experts questions about what breed will suit your family, they will ask about your makeup. If you only live with your partner, it will be easier to choose a breed than when you have toddlers and infants.

How Are Dog Breeds Categorized?

You should know how dog breeds are grouped and how suitable they are to different residential environments. The major groups dog breeds are categorized into include toy, terrier, gundogs, hound, working, utility, non-sporting.

Trainable Dog Breeds

All dogs can be trained to be good family dogs, but some are just easier to train than others. If you have a very young family, for instance, it will be better to choose a dog breed that is easier to train. This way, you will keep everyone safe and keep your dog happy. Obviously, the highly trainable breeds are the best for kids.

Do You Have Concerns for Allergies?

If you or any member of your household suffer from allergy, then you should also be careful about the dog breed you choose. While there are no 100% hypoallergenic dogs, some breeds shed less dander than others. Breeds like Bichon, Maltese, and the Portuguese water dog can be tolerated by people with allergies.

Talk to the Breeders

This is the most important thing to do when trying to pick a breed for your family. Talk to the breeder about your concerns. They will also tell you about the temperament of the breeds, the grooming requirements, the exercise requirement, the trainability of the breed, and many more. It will be easier to make the right decision after this.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to pick the right dog breed for your family. Dogs are often considered as mans’ best friend. The need to pick a suitable dog breed for your family cannot be overemphasized. The tips above can guide you to make the right decisions.