How to Reuse Your Children’s Old Clothing

Children grow too fast. Most times that means they outgrow their clothing quicker. Do you have to get rid of such clothes once the kids outgrow them? That is certainly not the wisest thing to do, especially when the clothes are relatively new.

Children’s clothes are still valuable even after they have outgrown them. You just have to find other ways to make them useful. Without further ado, here are specific ways to reuse your children’s old clothing:

Refashion Into New Clothes

There are many ways to turn an outgrown cloth into a new one that the child can wear. You can cut pants into shorts, turn sweatshirts into cardigans, or even turn jeans into a denim skirt. You just need to know how to use your scissors and sewing machine.

Sell For A Few Bucks

Good-quality outgrown clothes can fetch you some money at a resale shop or a consignment shop. The money may not be anything close to what you bought the cloth, but it is a recoup of value.

Salvage for Parts

Even if a cloth is torn beyond repair, you can find some useful parts. Zippers and buttons can always be used for new sewing projects. You can also cut out pieces of fabrics you can use as patches. Salvage for these useful parts before discarding an old cloth.

Sew a Quilt

You can cut out squares of fabrics from memorable clothes or clothes with beautiful patterns or cute sayings. Turn these squares of fabrics into a quilt that can be used as a throw blanket or wall hanging in your child’s room.

Use As Cleaning Rags

Do you have enough cleaning rags in your home? If you don’t, then consider restocking with some of your children’s old clothes. Old pajamas and cotton T-shirts can absorb moisture very well and are considered the perfect fabric for rags and dustcloths.

Donate To Charity

Donating to charity is the noblest way to reuse your children’s old clothing. You won’t need to reuse them directly, but people who really need them will get them for free. You should donate only clothes that are in decent condition.

There you have it! Above are some creative ways to reuse some of your old children’s clothing. Don’t throw your children’s clothes away simply because they have been outgrown. Reuse to get more utility out of them.