pile of assorted-title vinyl album record sleeves

What to Do With Vinyl Records You Don’t Want

The vinyl subscription service is a great way to turn your vinyl records into music that you enjoy. But, don’t let vinyl records collect dust on a shelf or in a storage container when you can sell vinyl records and put the money toward enjoying vinyl subscriptions and new vinyl records!

When you first decided to get a vinyl subscription, maybe buying vinyl records was something new for you. But now, you’ve come across the problem of not knowing what to do with vinyl records that you don’t want anymore. Maybe since you can’t sell them back or because your vinyl subscription service doesn’t allow returns.

Here are your best options to offload some of your hard-earned vinyl:

Local Vinyl Shop

The good news is that there are vinyl record stores out there where you can turn in vinyl records that you don’t want anymore, whether due to scratches or cracks. The vinyl record store will give you a little bit of money for the vinyl records, but not much. They do this because vinyl records are expensive to buy new, so your vinyl subscription gives you access to them at an affordable price, and vinyl record stores get vinyl records that they can turn around and sell at a higher price.

Online Vinyl Record Buyers

If you want to sell vinyl records, but vinyl record stores aren’t near you, or if you’ve got a lot of vinyl records that you want to sell and vinyl record stores don’t want them all, then there are online vinyl record buyers. These vinyl record buyers will give you money for your vinyl records over the internet; it’s as easy as uploading a photo of your vinyl records and receiving a quote from vinyl record buyers. There are vinyl record buyers that will take vinyl records in any condition, but if the vinyl record buyer says they only take vinyl records in good condition, then either have them fix your vinyl records or sell them to a vinyl record store instead so you can get some money for taking care of vinyl records.

If you don’t know what to do with vinyl records that you don’t want anymore, then vinyl record stores and vinyl record buyers are your options when you can’t return vinyl records or when vinyl subscription services won’t let you sell the vinyl records back.